As the beauty industry grows and develops new, innovative ways to solving common beauty issues, lash lifting was discovered to help your lashes to look extra-long and luscious. Mascara was initially used to help transform those short and straight eyelashes into long and curled ones that make your eyes stand out in any situation. Lash lifting does the same thing, but they are semi-permanent. Lash lifts have taken social media by storm and is trending worldwide across beauty bloggers and is dubbed as a game changer for the eyelash industry.

Traditionally, if someone wanted to enhance the look of their eyelashes, they would either apply mascara onto their lashes to help darken and curl them upwards. However, no matter how much mascara you put or how often you curled them, your lashes will undoubtedly fall after just a few hours. Alternatively, some people would choose to put on fake eyelashes, which would give you that long and thick look; but often times, people quickly found out and could see that they were fake lashes.

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In more recent years, eyelash extensions became more popular amongst the eyelash industry. Extensions add volume, length, and curl to your lashes without having to stress about the glue and self-application of fake eyelashes. What made extensions really attractive was the fact that no one would be able to tell you had extensions because they were made out of silk or mink which were bonded at the root of your natural lashes. The downside with extensions is that they often cost quite a bit; eyelash extensions cost greater than $200 for just a set. In addition, not only is price an issue, but there have been many cases of people claiming that eyelash extensions caused their natural lashes to suffer. The extensions would cause the natural lashes to thin out which caused them to become brittle and shorter than before.

Just when everyone started to accept the outlook of their lashes, lash lift was born. They are the future of eyelash beauty and they blend the best of mascara, curling, and extensions. With lash lifts, you get a semi-permanent lift and curl that keeps your natural lashes unharmed. A lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes; it fixes the outline of your natural lashes by curling it using a chemical solution. What really amazes me is the fact that there is no preparation involved in the lash lifting process; you can go in any time and get your lashes improved and they will turn out terrific.

For those of you who are planning to get your lashes lifted, it is important for you to meet with the best Markham lash lifting consultant. At the consultation, they will ask you questions about what your aspirations are for the application and what your current eyelash preference is. This will give the technician a better idea of how to adjust your lashes as everyone has different looks they are striving to obtain. Based off the information obtained in this initial consultation, the consultant will be able to determine a curl size that is best suited for your eye shape and style.

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To give you more insight on how the procedure works, the following will break down the procedural process to give you a better idea of what to expect:

1. Cleaning and Separating

The first step to the process would be to clean the lashes and to separate the top lashes from your bottom lashes. A silicone shelter is lightly glued to your skin to help separate the lashes. Your lashes are then combed out to take the shape that was agreed upon during the consultation.

2. Perming Solution is Applied

Once your eyelashes are prepped and are in place, a perming solution is applied {precisely|straight|directly| onto the lashes. The perming formula works like a softener that softens the bonds of the hair making it more compliant and adaptable to shaping. This perming solution is left on the lashes for six to twelve minutes; the amount of time it takes for the perming formula to take effect is based mainly on your hair type. If you normally have a long time curling the hair on your head, then naturally your eyelash hair will also be more harder to curl. On the other hand, if your hair is normally easily curled, then the perming formula would not need to be applied on for that long, as the disintegration of your lashes should also be fairly quick.

3. Setting Solution and Nourishing Lotion is Applied

Once the perming solution has settled into your lashes making them soft and compliant, a setting solution and oil is put on. The setting solution bolsters and hardens the lashes back up which grips in the shape that that was set out in the perming process. Once the setting solution is applied, a nutritious lotion is applied on top to help dampen the lashes to help keep them strong and healthy. The nourishing lotion is similar to a conditioner for your hair after you dye or bleach it; their goal is to nourish the hair after an complete treatment. Once the healthy lotion kicks in, the procedure is all done.

4. 24 Hour Recovery

In the next 24 hours after your treatment, make sure you do not wear mascara and try to bypass bathing the lashes or expose them to any forms of moisture and humidity. This will make sure that the results will last and stay curled after the procedure.

This entire procedure takes about an hour to finish. Lash lifts in general last six to eight weeks because eyelashes naturally shed. Once the curled eyelash sheds, and straight one will naturally grow in behind it; which is why this procedure is considered semi permanent. Some people will need to get a redo of the lashes sooner while others will not need a redo until later; this is all based on the lash cycle of the {person|client|individual.

Lash lift in Markham typically cost $100 – $150. There are clinics out there that charge a lot less and some that charge more; but generally, an average amount is typically between that range. Lash lifts are typcially very low maintenance, which really gives the treatment good value for what you pay for. You can wear mascara on top of your new lifted lashes and there is really no rules to avoid after your treatment. To help upkeep the results, some suggest adding coconut oil or facial oil to your lashes to keep them conditioned. Otherwise, enjoy the results and be ready to expect lots of admiration!

Like with any beauty procedure, ensure you do your thorough research before deciding on a clinic. This is a developing field and there are many people that claim they know what they are doing. Make sure to ask around, read the reviews, and consult different clinics before making your choice. We have worked hard on building up our own extensive list of clinics we would recommend based off great testimonials and feedback from those who have been. Make sure to do your research and find a reputable lash lift clinic near Markham in our city subpages.