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Here at uptown village health, we are dedicated to providing the best resource for beauty and healthcare professionals. We have dedicated our time in building a comprehensive database that can assist you in making a decision when researching who to consult. Some of the fields we cover are:

Lash Lifting:

Although still relatively new, lash lifting is the new trend of 2018. This procedure involves treating and perming your lashes to give you a semi-permanent curl. When done correctly, your lashes will appear to be long and curly, giving you that natural beauty look many strive for. But when done poorly, your lashes will turn out straight and limp looking like you just came out of the shower. Here at Uptown Village Health, we weed through all of them self proclaimed experts in the field and narrowed it down to a select few who has shown to perform great work. You will find the best lash lifting technicians sorted by city within our site.


Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that involves tattooing micro strokes into an individual’s eyebrow to simulate the appearance of a fuller brow. This procedure is typically performed by a beauty technician at a spa or beauty salon; but with an increase in popularity, there is also an increase of undertrained technicians. Uptown Village Health dives into this industry to discover the best microblading artists across Canada to help aid you in your search for a microblading technician near you.

…and more to come!

As we continue to grow and research each field extensively, we have decided to launch with lash lifting and microblading first; this is because we believe that the resources and database we have compiled for these fields are comprehensive to what the consumer needs to know. Some fields that we are currently researching and working on are: physiotherapy, chiropractic care, and veterinary care. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on when we will launch our next field!